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‘piemp’ is an Afrikaans verb that refers to speaking out, to breaking the societal codes of silence and secrecy. 


It is the title of a book of the work of the young writers from Scottsville,  I self-published in 2009.  It also refers to a community project that is rooted in my Narrative Therapy Training.  With the support of the Breytenbach Centre, the piemp project ran in Wellington. It became the Yoh! project at Grassy Park High School. Yoh! is supported by the Jakes Gerwel Foundation.


The poets from Weltevrede Secondary school in Wellington wrote about their experiences of their mothers.  Afrikaans pop band, Heuwels Fantasties with assistance of Hemelbesem, then turned the Weltevrede Piempers’ poems into a 'ma' song.

Heuwels Fantasties MaHeuwels Fantasties
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At the February 2018 final performance of the Weltevrede piemp poets, rappers Katelin Morris & Jenowin Fortuin performed this rap they had written for me:

Katelin Morris & Jenowin Fortuin
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Below is an excerpt of Katelin Morris’ performance of ‘Myciekind maak oop jou oë’ -
a rap about domestic violence - on the Tuin van Digters stage in Wellington in 2017, for which Katelin won the “Best Song”  prize at the SuidoosterFees in 2018. 

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