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I am a trained Narrative practitioner with more than two decades of counseling experience. 


I have a special interest in conversations with people who are finding themselves on the margins or at a crossroads in their lives. Over the years I have also come alongside many people in crafting preferred stories for their lives in the face of bereavement associated with divorce, illness such as Alzheimers and cancer and the emigration of loved ones.


I also enjoy co-authoring preferred stories with children and young people and their families. I worked for nine years as a primary school counselor.


Because of my interest and experience in working in  community settings, I also witness and support people  who are working in the helping professions and in NGO and cross-cultural contexts.


For the foreseeable future I will be consulting via Zoom, Face-time or Skype.

You can contact me here for more information or to make an appointment.

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