I am a Narrative counselor in private practice, a poet and a community development practitioner. 

The  Piemp and Yoh! Creative Writing mentoring of young people I have been doing since 2005, combines my love of language with my commitment to  voice and visibility for young people, especially those in marginalised communities in South Africa. 


My stance in this work is informed by Narrative Therapy . For the work to take root in communities, I have also offered mentoring workshops and support to interested teachers and people working with young people in NGO settings.  Click on the Piemp & Yoh! tab to meet some of the young poets and their teachers.

Narrative colleague Linda van Duuren and I recently set up the Cape Narrative Trust  - an Art 18A NPO.  Our commitment is for the Trust to decolonize therapy by taking therapeutic ideas from behind the closed doors of the therapy room and into communities of people working with children and young people in every day settings. To see more & contact: www.capenarrativetrust.com