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Many teachers, youth  workers and parents would like the young  people in their care to believe in themselves and be able to express their ideas with confidence. However I know from experience that this is often easier said than done. In my mentoring conversation groups based on my books My Word! and Praat jy! I introduce adults to the Narrative therapy philosophy that has grounded my creative writing work with young people over the past 18 years. I also share practical tips that adults can put to use in their own contexts.









Dear Teachers and Principals

I am the ex-principal of Grassy Park High School and have worked with Thérèse for

two years.. My encouragement is to let Thérèse to work her magic... Relax into this programme and be open to where it takes you.....Allow yourself to absorb the learnings, as it may remind you of the way you once viewed children and discipline...  

I am happy to say that although I have retired, I continue the programme of Narrative Therapy through poetry at my old school. I trained as a Life Science teacher, but walking alongside Thérèse in her work rekindled my love for language and gave me enough confidence to run with it.


It also motivated me to write poetry and the joy of writing and sharing with others has been amazing. 


Marcia Woolward

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